About Us


Hi, we’re Funky Pants UAE. We’re called Funky Pants because we make pants and our pants are funky. Seriously funky. Not only are they seriously funky, Our Funky Pants are incredibly comfortable...or as we say - ridiculously comfy.

Suitable for nearly all sports and the gym – wherever you need to be ridiculously comfy! We are simply fighting boredom, one pair of exercise shorts at a time. Heroes, right?
If you’re lazy, here’s everything in bullet form:

  • Ridiculously Comfy
  • Fully lined
  • Fight Boredom one pair at a time
  • Amphibious fabric

Pronunciation: /ˈfʌŋki/
adjective (funkier, funkiest)
1. [Of music] having or using a strong dance rhythm, in particular, that of funk:
‘Some excellent funky beats.’
Modern and stylish in an unconventional or striking way:
‘She likes wearing funky clothes e.g: pants.’
2. [North American] Strongly musty:
‘Cooked greens make the kitchen smell really funky.’
funkily adverb
funkiness noun

(We didn’t think it was necessary to include the definition of ‘pants’). (That being said, if you do need the definition of ‘pants’, this is probably the place for you.)